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I have THREE news sites up and constantly refreshing (CNN, Huffington… - Nightwalker
I have THREE news sites up and constantly refreshing (CNN, Huffington Post and Time.com) and haven’t moved from this spot in HOURS. Meanwhile my roommate is upstairs reading fanfic. I went up a minute ago to tell her that they were calling Obama to win and she was all “Really? That’s nice.”

Bitch either has nerves of steel or is really high right now. Not sure which.
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deathgod02 From: deathgod02 Date: November 7th, 2012 10:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's actually just an amazing ability to ignore everything that isn't directly connected to fandom. This includes: food, sleep and general necessities.
kahn From: kahn Date: November 9th, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
It wasn't very often that the yoko was curious, anymore. Curious was SO 1990s. Or 1890s. Time was relative to an immortal and Kurama often lost track of when exactly things happened, especially to the demon part that he wasn't actually supposed to have anymore. Therefore, he wasn't certain if it was a good or bad thing that he was standing in a REKAI laboratory trying to figure out if he could get Hiei to show the Black Dragon.

"I'm just saying that you shouldn't be afraid of it."

"I'm not AFRAID," Hiei replied, the tight curl of his sneer hinting at fangs. "I just have control. Unlike some."

His pointed look touched on the bright silver streak in Kurama's otherwise red hair, clashed with Kurama's deliberately mild bicolored gaze, one eye green, one eye demon-gold. Once the Fox had shown itself in Afghanistan, it had never completely gone away.

Kurama twitched one shoulder in a shrug. "He just doesn't like hiding." And just to prove his control, he suppressed the sly smile that tugged a corner of his mouth as he continued, "I'm guessing the Dragon doesn't particularly like it either."

Kurama let youkai crackle in shimmer of black lightning across his skin, one flicker snapping toward Hiei, who twitched back a step and then looked disgruntled at having given ground. Kurama smirked, unrepentant.

"Are you TRYING to provoke it?"

"And if I am?"

"The last time it surfaced it ate part of a human city. I should think that would be a concern for you and your newfound love of humanity."

Kurama thought, Yes, this is true.

Kurama thought, And I ought to be focused on the task at hand. Toguro is not going to defeat himself. As he dragged his eyes back to one of the many screens floating around them.

Beside him, he sensed Hiei's defensive posture loosen.

Kurama thought, But...

Hiei impacted the wall hard enough to put a sizable dent in it, his look of surprise completely satisfying as he took the brunt of Kurama's ki attack in the chest. When Kurama followed through with a punch that struck with enough force to sink Hiei further, the wall folding in around them, the sound of it was a nearly subsonic boom that Kurama could feel in his bones, in his teeth, and it made him grin.

"It's a good thing we're no where near the Ningenkai, then," he said with a sugar-sweet lilt in his voice he knew would set Hiei on edge.

In the dark of the alcove he'd created, red eyes gleamed at him. A deceptively small hand closed hard around his wrist and pushed.

Kurama landed on the balls of his feet, fingertips to the floor, ki catching and dragging so that he slid to a stop a respectable distance away instead of crashing through a map detailing Toguro's known sitings. Black flames flared to life as Hiei stepped out of the wall, twisting in a hungry spiral up his legs, shrouding his form except for the sickle-sharp gleam of his smile.

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kahn From: kahn Date: November 9th, 2012 08:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Fox unfurled in response, power unfolding like the stretch of claws, six tails an arc of blue light in the peripheral of Kurama's vision. This was what he had missed, hidden among soft-skinned, breakable humans. The thrill of battle for the sake of battle, finding a worthy enemy and shattering bits of earth and sky in a test of strength. The sharp, barked, "Hey!" of a third party barely registered, and that only as a minor annoyance.

What did register was a sudden body--a person, fragile and in the way. Kurama turned on sharply and executed a neat dodge around--and it was like slamming into a wall of lightning. He staggered back, the taste of ozone in his throat. His vision whited out for a moment. Someone caught his arm and the power zinged from fingertips to the top of his head.

"Oh hey, sorry about that," the new person said, steadying him and then letting go. Kurama blinked to clear his vision as the voice continued, "Is this the meeting place of meetings and stuff? Koenma's directions were really vague and there are way too many hallways and the layout is just weird. I swear I turned right four times in a row and didn't go in a circle."

The person in front of Kurama resolved into a boy, no older than sixteen, dirty jean jacket and torn jeans and ratty t-shirt, shoes scuffed, one of the toes held together with duct tape. Kurama blinked again, hoping that the image in front of him might resolve into something that made sense, because the power coming off the kid was strong enough to stagger a lesser demon.

"Oh, sorry," the kid darted a look between Hiei and Kurama. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Shield yourself, idiot," Hiei gritted.


Standing this close was like looking directly into the sun. Kurama had the urge to squint, even though the boy wasn't actually giving off any light. "May I?" he asked and then reached out without waiting for permission, because that much power was bound to attract attention. It didn't matter to the Fox, to the survivor, that they were in allied territory.

He brushed both hands against the boy's shoulders, then his throat, tracing the V of artery and vein to his collar bones, sliding toward his sternum, laying down ki wards with a deft touch. It was a struggle, and it shouldn't have been. Kurama was a master of runes. Writing, overwriting and rewriting spell barriers, protections and bindings was part of why they'd wanted him so desperately on the team.
kahn From: kahn Date: November 9th, 2012 09:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
KURONUE? He nudged the magical construct that lived in his head, and if he sounded a little nervous, that was between him and his favorite spell, and KURONUE kept all his secrets.

Oh, NOW you want my help? After you locked me out to take on small, dark and grouchy all on your own?

Don't sass me. I needed you focused on breaking through REIKAI's security protocol.

Like I can't mulitask. It was child's play, really.


And whose fault is that, oh Creator? Wow, this kid packs a punch.

Less peanut gallery, more helping if you please.

Keep your skirt on, Silver-Tails. Preparing to execute five point soul binding. Here's the countdown.

KURONUE's report distracted Kurama so that when the boy grabbed his hands as they lingered over the strong beat of his heart, the central pulse of his power, it actually made Kurama startle and try to yank his hands back by instinct. But the boy locked his grip on Kurama's wrists with far more strength than his frame should've held.

Part of Kurama, the part that had been living among humans, had thought himself human until the blood and pitiless emptiness of the desert, thought, gentle, gentle, he's just a child, don't hurt him.

Another part, older and colder, bared teeth and raised hackles and thought, danger danger danger.

"Not that I mind recreational touching," the kid--Urameshi Yuusuke, KURONUE supplied helpfully, plucking the name from a REIKAI file--said with a bright grin. "But shouldn't we be focusing on getting Kuwabara back?"

Kurama tugged his hands again, experimentally, but Yuusuke held fast. This close, Kurama could smell lightning and cigarette smoke and something sweet like candy. "Who?"

"Kuwabara?" Yuusuke tilted his head, one eyebrow quirking. "You know, the guy we're supposed to be rescuing?"

Hiei snorted quietly. Yuusuke frowned in his direction.

"Is that what they told you?" Kurama asked, and KURONUE supplied the answer--yes.

For the first time, something dark moved through Yuusuke's expression, and the crackle of his energy became a sizzling burn.

KURONUE, now would be a good time.

kahn From: kahn Date: November 9th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
"What do you mean--whoa!" Yuusuke's knees buckled and his power fizzled to a soft, background static. Kurama breathed a sigh of relief and yanked out of the boy's grip, retreating to Hiei's side.

The fire demon smirked with his eyes, though the rest of his face remained impassive. Kurama didn't take too much offense (though he resolved to bleach something of his all-black wardrobe white before the day was over). The imprint of Yuusuke's fingers were a bruised ache on his skin.

"What." Yuusuke sat back on his heels and dragged a hand across his mouth, eyes wide. "What was that?"

"Something you should already know how to do for yourself," Kurama said in a quiet tone that Hiei would've known to take as a warning.

Yuusuke didn't let it distract him, climbing back to his feet, bouncing a bit with his head tilted to the side, like he was trying to shake water out of his ear canal. "Which is?"

Kurama only just managed not to roll his eyes. "A barrier, so that you aren't a beacon to anyone who can sense ki."

"Oh, yeah. Genkai mentioned something-something blah blah power and responsibility and I wasn't really paying attention because boobs."

Hiei and Kurama shared an incredulous look, though Hiei's was expressed mainly through the slightest tightening of his hand on his sword's hilt and a small twitch of eyebrows.

"Look, I'm new to a lot of this stuff, okay?" Yuusuke protested, sounding slightly defensive. "Just got back from being dead and all that. It's a lot to take in all at once. Also, Genkai is hot. Tiny, but hot."

Ew, wrinkly old lady bits.

He probably met her young form, Kurama guessed.

True. I'd tap that. If, you know, I could tap anything. Weren't you going to going to figure out how to let me physically manifest at some point?

It's disturbing how much you and Yuusuke share in common.

Again, whose fault is that?

Outloud, Kurama hazarded, "Did she punch you?"

"Really really hard. I woke up in the infirmary and Koenma gave me orders to find you two so. Here I am." Yuusuke spread his arms. "Urameshi Yuusuke: your Team Leader. Nice to meet ya. I already met Hiei, so I guess that means you're Kurama?"

Yuusuke offered a hand, but the bones of Kurama's wrists twinged and so he kept out of arm's reach.

"I'm Kurama," Kurama said after a moment, Hiei silently radiating a mixture of "you are an idiot" and "I hate my life." Kurama wasn't sure if that was directed at him or at Yuusuke, or possibly just the world in general.

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kahn From: kahn Date: November 9th, 2012 09:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Okay." Yuusuke shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his heels. "Um, so what do we do now? You two are supposed to be the experts. Of, you know, thinky-things that need experts. Demon things, I guess. Have you done the...thing that expertly needs doing so we can find Kuwabara? The sooner we get him back the better."

"Yuusuke," Hiei growled, and Kurama was surprised that the fire demon was on first-name basis with the boy already. "Stop being an idiot. Think."

Yuusuke frowned at him, "You don't get to call me that if you haven't explained anything to me, yet."

"Then let me explain," Kurama said, voice a bit sharper than intended, but he had felt off balance since Yuusuke had interrupted his fight with Hiei and he it wasn't a feeling he was used to. He didn't like it. "Everyone assembled for this mission thus far are killers, except for you and you are inexperienced. Does that seem like a team REIKAI would put together if the were interested in saving your friend?"

Yuusuke blinked. "Everyone?"

"Did you even read the files Boton gave you?"

"Reading?" Yuusuke said with real horror in his voice.

Hiei huffed a quiet sigh. Kurama gritted his teeth.

"But--wait." Yuusuke rubbed a hand over his hair, making it stick up in a way that was not at all adorable. "Koenma wouldn't allow that. He's the god of--of Fair Judgement and Paperwork or something. And Shizuru. I know she wouldn't join a mission meant to hurt Kuwabara, possessed by evil or not."

"Shizuru wasn't originally slated to join," Hiei said. "She pulled strings. She may have her own agenda."

"And Koenma takes orders from Enma. The God of Death. Where do you think his power comes from? Not rainbows and kittens."

Yuusuke chewed his lip in silence, eyeing one of the floating charts, which graphed Toguro's power levels before and after laying claim to the most powerful telepath on the planet, though Kurama doubted Yuusuke was actually seeing it.

"We'll know for certain once KURONUE is finished slogging through REIKAI's database."

The things I do for you, darling. All this crap makes me feel like a need a shower.

Yuusuke straightened, eyes sharpening as he headed for the door. Kurama shivered as he felt Yuusuke's power slam hard against the barrier. "Um, yeah. Okay, you do that. I'm going to go do...something. That doesn't at all involve punching a god in the head. At all."

Hiei and Kurama exchanged another glance as Yuusuke made his exit.

"THAT'S Koenma's golden boy who's going to save us all?" Kurama asked. "Maybe they should've left him in the afterlife."

Then Yuusuke was back in the doorway with a vaguely confused expression. "Do you guys know how to get to Koenma's office from here?"

Kurama pointed back in the opposite direction from Yuusuke's original path.

"Oh, thanks!" the boy said and disappeared down the hallway again.

"We're doomed," said Hiei.
nightwalker From: nightwalker Date: November 16th, 2012 04:00 am (UTC) (Link)
More now? Okay? Yes?

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