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Fic: Sex, Lies and Newsprint, Steve/Tony, 7/12, NC-17 - Nightwalker
Fic: Sex, Lies and Newsprint, Steve/Tony, 7/12, NC-17
Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Chapter Seven: The No-So-Ex-Boyfriend!
Pairing: Steve/Tony discussion of past Tony/Tiberius and Tony/others
Rating: PG
Beta: kahn who told me to just give up and rewrite most of it, and minerva710 who told me to give up and rewrite the rest and then patted me on the head while I declared my intention to set this fic on fire and never write again.
Warnings: Emotional manipulation/abuse (Ty is a dick) and a scene that could be triggery for people with non-con/attempted non-con triggers. No non-con occurs in this story, but Ty is not taking no for an answer so please be advised.
Summary: Tiberius is back in Tony's life. It could be going better.

Chapter Seven can be found here on AO3.
Earlier chapters are here.

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